It's that time of year when gorgeous fall foliage is scattered throughout the South, making it the perfect time to take a hike. The heat has turned down a few notches so it makes it that much more enjoyable to venture out into the woods. If you want to enjoy the hidden gems that make up Georgia's natural wonders but you don't want to climb anything too strenuous, you have to check out this massive waterfall in Georgia with a hidden water slide along the way. 

Holcomb Creek Falls is a hidden spot in North Georgia that requires less than 0.5 miles of foot work. It seems like it would take a lot of physical activity to feast your eyes on this cascading treasure, but the mildly strenuous hike is a piece of cake and there is lots to see. 

The steep, tumbling tower of creek water cascades at a massive 120-foot drop with a free-falling upper cascade. The Holcomb Falls trailhead begins at the junction of Hale Ridge Road (FS Rd. 7) and Overflow Road (FS Rd. 86), about 6.5 miles off Warwoman Road. You can park east of the intersection with FS Rd. 86.

You'll descend steadily on a steep slope toward the falls for a short 0.3 miles (about 10 to 15 minutes), where you'll reach an observation bridge.

These massive falls will make you feel tiny and if you're feeling up for it you can immerse yourself in the cold rush of water.

Just a short quarter mile beyond the bridge, you'll find Ammons Falls, accompanied by another observation point. These falls also double as a 40-foot waterslide, if you're up for an adventure.

Either way, this is the perfect outing with your boo, your dog(s) and/or your squad to enjoy the captivating autumn colors and crisp fall air, which becomes even more refreshing in the presence of misty falls. The best part is you don't have to break a sweat to bask in its glory. 

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Holcomb Creek Falls

Price: Free

Address: Intersection of Hale Ridge Rd. & Overflow Rd. Clayton, GA 30525

Why You Need To Go: Experience a hidden 120-foot towering falls in Georgia without the strenuous hike. 

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