Georgia has many hidden gems and most of them are places that have been abandoned for years. It is just something about the history and story of an old structure that draws us to it. Not to mention, most of them are very Instagrammable. In Rockmart lies one of the coolest, abandoned tunnels in Georgia. 

The Braswell Mountain Rail Tunnel can be reached in many different ways, but you will have to follow the coordinates to get to it the best way. You will have to walk through mud, sludge and leaves, but it sure is worth it once you get to the rail tunnel. It is 750 feet long, which makes for a pretty fun trip through. 

This tunnel has been here since 1882. Nature has taken over since 80's when it was abandoned. It used to be part of the Southern Railway which included the Tennessee, Virginia ands Georgia Railroad. 

Choosing which path to take is probably the most difficult part of this entire adventure. While there is no exact trail to follow to get to the tunnel, some people start at the railroad crossing on Brushy Mountain Road. There are exact coordinates for the location which are 33°59'01" N, 84°57'13" W.

Once you start getting closer to the tunnel, you might want to take precautions because of the mud. You cannot wear regular tennis shoes or workout shoes on this trek because they will get ruined. You need to prepare to stomp through the sludge to really get the whole experience. 

Once you're inside the cave, you'll notice that there are little pockets inside. These were built for people who were passing through inside so they would not get hit by the passing train. It honestly makes for a great photo op while you are adventuring. 

The tunnel is made of brick, but most of the brick is decayed and has lost its original color. It makes it look very vintage and you can really see the history of this unique place. 

Just like the dark mining hole in Dawsonville that you can kayak through, you might want to also bring a headlamp. The light at the end of the tunnel might not be bright enough to allow you to see everything on the inside. 


Braswell Mountain Rail Tunnel 

Price: Free!

Address: 33°59'01" N, 84°57'13" W.

Why You Need To Go: It is an abandoned rail tunnel that you can actually walkthrough. 



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