Next to all of our gorgeous lakes and hidden in our lush forests, there are tons of ruins to explore. Whether you're someone that thrives off of finding mysterious spots or you like to follow the beaten path, there's an abandoned place in Michigan for you. If you're looking to plan some road trips to find something new, check out these spots. 

Michigan Building 

Price: $5 cash per person

Address: 220 Bagley St., Detroit, MI

Why You Need To Go: The ceiling of this massive former theater is truly impressive. If mirrored walls and stunning arches are something that your Instagram desperately needs then you'll find plenty of that here. 

Abandoned Traverse City Tunnels

Price: An hour-long guided tour will take you through the tunnel and will give you an overview of the history of the place. 

Address: 830 Cottageview Dr, Traverse City, MI

Why You Need To Go: These tunnels give off the creepiest vibe and you definitely won't feel like you're in Michigan anymore. Live out your secret agent dreams by feeling your way through these dark tunnels. 

Fayette State Park

Price: You need a recreation pass to enter in a car, just like you would for any Michigan state park. Passes can be purchased for $11.

When: The park is open between May and October every year. 

Address: 4785 II Rd., Garden, MI

Why You Need To Go: This old iron town used to be a huge part of Michigan business and then one day it wasn't necessary anymore! This place looks like it was abandoned in the middle of a workday and walking around the old buildings is so cool. 

Historic Fort Wayne

Price: Free entrance and parking!

When: Opens for the season in May 2020. Open Saturday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Address: 6325 West Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 

Why You Need To Go: There are a lot of buildings, like the barracks, a guardhouse, and a burial ground that you can visit and get a sense of what it looked like 250 years ago. 

Waugoshance Lighthouse

Price: Free

Address: In order to really see this up close, you'll need a boat to take you out there. The coordinates are 45°47′10″N 85°5′28″W. It's about It's just under a mile west of Waugoshance Island. 

Why You Need To Go: This little lighthouse island is so cute and it comes with a super creepy backstory. 200 years ago, one of the lighthouse keepers vanished into thin air and people later said that they could feel his presence with them in the structure. 

Be careful if you are taking a boat out to the light because there are a lot of hazards in the water in that area. 

Dinosaur Garden

Price: There are several packages that you can choose from depending on which activities interest you. The self-guided walking tour is $10 and the guided tour costs $12. If you would like to combine a guided tour with a game of mini-golf, it will cost you $16. 

Address: 11160 U.S.23, Ossineke, MI

Why You Need To Go: These dinos aren't technically abandoned since they're a part of a great park where you can eat ice cream and play mini-golf. However, the eerie feeling that they leave you with when you realize how long they've been standing there is definitely worth the visit. 

Traverse City State Mental Hospital

Price: You can get a basic tour of the whole hospital for $15. There are other tour packages that offer more intensive history. 

Address: 830 Cottageview Dr, Traverse City, MI

Why You Need To Go: The best part about exploring these creepy buildings is that some of them have been renovated so you can go shopping or grab a bite to eat right next door once you're done exploring!

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