When it comes to your favorite park, there's always that one tree that feels extra beautiful and special. In one Mississippi town, there are four unique trees that hold a special meaning to the residents there. Carved with wings, animals, and the visages of angels, the Angel Trees of Bay St. Louis look like they’re about to fly away. While the story of their origin comes from a place of tragedy, the trees now stand as a beacon of hope.

Nikki Moon told Sun Herald her harrowing story of the night the storm surges from Hurricane Katrina's 40-foot-high floodwaters engulfed her home and the Mississippi town.

Nikki, along with her Scottish terrier Maddy and two of her friends, Kevan and Doug, were able to survive the storm by climbing onto a large branch of an oak tree in the home's back yard.

Moon recalls hours passing as they clung to the branch approximately 20 feet above the flood, waves sweeping over them, fearing that the waters would wash them away.

Eventually, the water receded, and the survivors were able to safely climb down from the tree. However, Debris from the storm had covered the roots and fatally damaged the very tree that saved their lives.

Instead of cutting it down, chainsaw artist Dayle K. Lewis was commissioned to transform its broken branches into a memorial of that night.

Today, the tree stands set in concrete just a few hundred feet from its original spot in a more viewable place, with angels and wings carved into its trunk and branches.

The angels face in two directions, watching over both the town and its residents and the waterfront.

There are three other carved trees in the city as well, each with their own unique visage.

Wolx cites two as being located at Cedar Rest Cemetery, with one in front of the Our Lady of the Gulf Church. The other two, including the original, can be found on Demontluzin Avenue and North Beach Boulevard.

If you’re driving through Bay St. Louis, take a detour and stop to see these gorgeous tree sculptures up close. Pack a picnic and you suddenly have an affordable day date.

Angel Trees of Bay St. Louis

Address: 8M6G+H3 Bay St Louis, MS

Why You Need To Go: Check out these uniquely gorgeous tree sculptures if you're in the Bay St. Louis area!

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