The arrival of warmer weather and budding trees nearly begs us to get out and enjoy all the returning beauty of nature, and Mississippi has some beautiful hiking spots to do just that. Secluded, quiet, and with views for miles, you can chance across some incredibly scenic sights in Tishomingo State Park, especially from the top of the swinging rope bridge!

The swinging bridge takes you into the lofty treetops of the park with a bird's eye view of the water and woods beneath. It's actually part of two pretty moderate trails through the park, Bear Creek Outcropping and CCC Camp Trail Loop. The Camp Trail route is about 3 miles, while Bear Creek is about 1.5 miles.

There are plenty of opportunities to stop along the way for freshwater from the various springs, and the Camp Trail actually takes you past the historic ruins of where the CCC men who built features of the park lived during construction.

There are 13 total miles of trails to explore at the park, and there are some special rock bluffs and formations for climbing enthusiasts to conquer that can only be found in Tishomingo.

The park derives its name from Chief Tishomingo, the leader of the Chickasaw Nation. There have even been archaeological excavations in the park that confirmed Paleo Indians once called the area home around 7000 B.C.!

Today, you can spot wildlife, view wildflowers, enjoy the spring air, and even the vibrant fall foliage at Tishomingo.

The trails you hike, though modern, cross through land that was once traversed by ancient tribes.

Camp, hike, kayak, or rock climb—you can spend all day exploring and appreciate the beauty of Tishomingo State Park!

Tishomingo State Park

Price: $4

Address: 105 Co Rd. 90, Tishomingo, MS

Why You Need To Go: Explore all the beauty Tishomingo has to offer from the lofty views atop the swinging rope bridge!

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