If you ever feel like you want to step into a fantasy world and forget about reality, there's actually a spot you can do that. This Hobbit-inspired Airbnb in North Carolina that's built right in the middle of a mound. Not only is it affordable, but it's also one of the most unique stays in the entire state. 

The Hobbithenge in North Carolina is just right outside of Asheville. It sleeps three guests and even has an indoor fireplace. All the guests rave about how magical the place and views are. 

This spot will make you feel like you're thousands of miles away from the city, but you're actually only about 25 minutes from the beautiful Asheville, according to the listing.

The entire house is handcrafted out of clay and wood that came straight from the land it sits on. Nothing from the store was used to build this house

The host warns guests, if you have high standards for cleanliness, this spot might not be for you. It's a mud house, there's going to be some dust and bugs. 

There's a small common space when you first walk into the home. You'll have access to a wood stove, a gas heater, a deck, a love seat and a queen bed in the loft. 

There's a full outdoor kitchen just a minute walk away and is communal with the two other properties on the land. 

The outhouse and outdoor shower are also communal and only a two-minute walk from the house. 

One thing that guests can't stop talking about is the view of the mountains you'll get during your stay. You'll see a full sky of stars and there's nowhere better to watch a sunset and a sunrise. 

There's also a trail you can explore right near the house to get a feel of what this area of North Carolina is really about. 

There's no WiFi here, so you'll have to wait to post your dreamy pictures when you get home., but in the meantime you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

The Hobbithenge 

Price Per Night: $79+ additional fees

Neighborhood: Weaverville, NC 

Why You Need To Go: You'll be transported to Middle Earth when you arrive at this rustic Hobbit house in the middle of the NC mountains. 

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