The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is not only ginormous and beautiful, but it has amazing hidden trails and features all throughout the park. One trail that you should be hiking in North Carolina's Smoky Mountains has an old, haunted tunnel that leads to absolutely nowhere. 

Lake View Drive is well known to the locals in the Bryson City, North Carolina area, maybe more well known as "The Road To Nowhere" which is pretty spooky already. This specific "road" was built to be a scenic drive but was never completed because of environmental issues

You will take the Goldmine Loop Trail to take to get to the mysterious tunnel. It's an easy 3-mile walk/hike; in the end, you can see if you are brave enough to go through the quarter-mile tunnel. There is a parking lot less than a half a mile from the tunnel, so if you just want to see it without the hike, you can do just that. 

You can either start your hike by walking through the tunnel first or if you are not a fan of dark enclosed (maybe haunted spaces) you can start on the other end of the loop.

Starting at the beginning of the Goldmine Loop Trail and ending at the tunnel, you will actually go through the Tunnel Bypass Trail and Lakeshore Trail on your journey.

The scenery makes the hike a little less strenuous than it actually is. There is just so much to look at and take in. You'll pass through an abandoned campsite and a lake that reflects the Fraser magnolias and oak trees that surround you off its glassy waters. 

There are no light sources in the tunnel, just the entrance, and exit points, so on an overcast day, it is best to bring a flashlight. 

People say they have seen figures of spirits at the end of the tunnel, or have heard noises as they travel through. Some even get an unsettling feeling and cannot make it to the other side. 

There is another dark tunnel like this one in Georgia, but you can only get through it on a kayak. You'll be in for an adventure. 


Road to Nowhere 

Price: Free

Address: Directions to Trailhead

Why You Need To Go: There is a dark tunnel that is a quarter of a mile long that you can walk through if you are brave enough.

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