There's something about dark, graffiti-filled tunnels that's sure to give you chills. Throughout the U.S., there are various tunnels that have scary ghost stories or a crime-filled history attached to them, drawing people to visit. This spooky tunnel in Virginia will get your adrenaline rushing and might even give you a few scares.

Poor House Road tunnel in Lexington, Virginia is said to be one of the most haunted spots in the city. You can either drive or walk through the tunnel.

It was built to be a part of a railway in the early 1900s. When cars became more popular, there was no longer any need for the train tunnel

As history tells, this location became infamous for murders over the years. Locals have also made some reports that they hear voices luring them into the tunnel. 

There was a paranormal investigation done many years ago and the results were posted on a private YouTube channel. A few comments from recent visitors verify that something is definitely in the tunnel.

A YouTube user commented, "We also heard faint voices and as we were leaving, we decided to drive through it and back. When we reached the middle of the tunnel, I stopped the car to see if we'd experience anything. More voices and my friend said he heard something talking right at his open window."

The investigators explained that the tunnel appeared pitch black even when the sun was still shining outside. You can see a few spots where people have graffitied. One tag reads, "I can see you."

If you get out of your car and explore, you'll be able to see many creepy sayings and art pieces as you walk through — don't forget a flashlight!

Visiting the tunnel at night will give you even more of a thrill and isn't for the weak-hearted. 

Poor House Road Tunnel 

Price: Free

Address: Poor House Road, Lexington, VA

Why You Need To Go: This tunnel will give you a thrill as you walk through it. You might even experience some paranormal activity during your visit. 


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