Over the last few years, Texas has gotten increasingly creative with their tree houses.  From treetop restaurants to full luxury resorts, Texas has it all, but none are quite as unique as these two rentable homes near Dallas-Fort Worth. These Texas Airbnb's are human-sized birds nests you can stay in.  

Hidden amongst the treetops of the Texas Hill Country, there are two sky treetop cabins that will blow you away. The cabins have balconies with endless beautiful sky views. The houses aren't completely in the air in case you're worried about being up so high. They are two-story houses that are made from wood and given unique designs. 

The houses have a reading nook outside in the shape of an actual nest which gives visitors perfect privacy.  The perfectly instagramable homes are big enough for two people, only having one bedroom each.  You might be up in the sky but the nest does come with electricity and hot water. 

During your stay, you will definitely run into some birds but you might also have a chance encounter with deer, rabbits, horses and even a cow or two.

The houses don't have TV's or wifi so it's the perfect place to unwind and go off the grid but of course, you can take as many instagrammable pics as you like. You will also be very close to the popular Dinosaur Valley State Park so you can explore that during the day!

The five star rated homes are available to rent now ranging from $115 to $139 in price range. And with two people staying the night, that brings the price down to less than $70 per person!

The houses come with breakfast for visitors and well as a kitchenette in case you want to whip something up yourself. This is absolutely the most unique and wonderful treetop getaway you could ever imagine. 

For more information on the houses and to book your stay, you can visit the two birds nest Airbnb listings here and here.

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