Texas has tons of small towns waiting to be discovered. One of the coolest places out there is the town of Fredericksburg, Texas. The incredible little town is located west of both Austin and San Antonio. There you can find tons of awesome nature adventures that are just waiting to be taken.

The town is known for its heavy German influences that are very prominent across the area. Aside from the amazing European architecture, they have tons of great natural places to visit. Fredericksburg is proud to have the largest farm of wildflowers in the country. The field has 200 acres of flowers that you can go explore in the spring.

They also have Enchanted Rock for anyone who is looking to take a nice hike with stellar views. You'll have an amazingly rewarding view of Texas's beautiful Hill Country. While it does get plenty of visitors in the summer, the hike is great at any time of year.

Visitors can get a really great look at the German influence when they visit Main Street. The place will completely transport you and make you feel like you're not even in Texas anymore. One of the most evident places to see this is Altstadt Brewery. The brewery gives tours but you can also have a bite at their restaurant.

The town is very rich in history so they have plenty of museums filled with art and stories that they don't normally teach you in school. You'll also be surrounded by plenty of nightlife, so you can spend a night out with all your friends with a nice pint of beer in hand. Fredricksburg has wine and cocktail bars that often have live music playing. 

You'll have plenty of options for lodging in Fredericksburg from nice upscale hotels to tons of Airbnbs you can spend the night in.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Address: Fredericksburg, Texas

Why You Need To Go: This town has tons of history and nature to explore. You can take hikes and have amazing wine in German-inspired buildings. 

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