It's that time of year when people surprise their friends, family, and partners with spontaneous trips across the globe for their holiday presents to each other. Though a trip to Paris with your boo sounds tempting, sometimes a more local and down to Earth trip to the beautiful city of Houston will have to do. This insane Airbnb in Houston has skyline views that you can't get for the same price anywhere else.

That spontaneous trip to Houston you've been planning can now come true, with this incredible and luxurious full apartment Airbnb that looks over the bustling center of Downtown Houston in total bliss and elegance.

The Airbnb is a full apartment, with one bedroom, one bathroom; the perfect getaway for you and your partner, or a couple of besties. There's free parking (God bless!) and a sofa bed to kick back on for late-night movie marathons.

Though it's the winter, it's still hitting those high 70s, so feel free to take a quick dip in the incredible rooftop pool or just lay out by the water and look out over the gigantic city. There's also a hot tub on-site for those who want a more steamy night.

It's the perfect destination for a fun night out in the city, since it's right in the middle of it all! After a long night of exploring the Downtown scene, you can snuggle in your luxury Airbnb and watch some Netflix.

Just below and over a few blocks is the beautiful Discovery Green, where you can go ice skating surrounded by skyscrapers, or walk through enchanting glowing crystals among the incredible park.

There are also a multitude of restaurants to check out in the area, with it being the booming Downtown and all. You'll surely get stuffed on all the tasty food and drinks the area has to offer.

There are tons of great reviews for the Airbnb, and the dates are currently plentiful for renting it out. We recommend locking your date in ASAP though since winter vacation season is here! 

On weekdays, the skyrise Airbnb is only $99 a night and on weekends it raises only $9 to only $108 a night. And with two to four people staying the night, that's so affordable!

High Rise Downtown Houston Airbnb

Price Per Night: $99-108

Address Or Neighbourhood: Downtown Houston

Why You Need To Go: The most beautiful views in Houston paired with a rooftop pool and it only costs $99 a night!

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