Texas loves to prove that everything is better when you're in the Lone Star state. What honestly could be more Texas than a giant pair of cowboy boots? The massive boots are located in San Antonio and as of 2014, they really do hold the world record for the worlds largest boots. 

The boots are 35 feet and 3 inches tall. Artist Bob Wade designed the boots during the 90s in the same way that real cowboy boots are made. Originally, Wade constructed them to be displayed in Washinton D.C. but after their year-long stay, they were permanently moved to San Antonio (a much for fitting spot for giant cowboy boots).

The sculpture is so big that if you're driving on the freeway, you can see them perfectly even from a distance. During the winter holidays, the boots are decked out in twinkling holiday lights. Typically the lights are stars, giving new meaning to the "Deep In The Heart" of Texas song. And while we're on the topic of songs, Wade was inspired to write a country song about the boots called "Too long, too wide, too high" after he found it difficult to move them to San Antonio.

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