Texas has its fair share of haunted hotels and attractions but not very many are as chilling as this. Perry Mansion is located in the ghost town of Terlingua, Texas and it is open for the bravest guests to stay the night. The mansion only has two rooms completely renovated which means the rest of the old mansion has remained the exact same since it was abandoned many years ago.  

Local lore states that the mansion was built for a pair of local star crossed lovers. They later suddenly abandoned the home without a reason, leaving the rest of the town to wonder what had happened in that house. Over time, the house began to decay, leaving only small fragments of what life was like for the wealthy couple back then.

Over the years, more and more people started looking for the abandoned house, on the hunt for the ghosts of those who lived in the ghost town and clues as to why exactly they left. The more people looked and took interest, the more possible it was for reconstruction to start on the home. Now guest can stay in one of the newly renovated rooms and hope a ghost doesn't pop up during their visit!

Guest can choose to stay on the first or second floor of the mansion. The down stairs bedroom is the presidential suite that has a huge king bed and a giant, luxury bathroom that would make anybody question why people would leave. Upstairs in the other bedroom, there are two queen sized beds also with their own private bathroom. The kitchen is a shared space with rustic floors and according to the website, there are bullet holes in the floor.

Booking your stay can start at $130 and work its way up depending on the day you wish to visit. You can learn more about the mansion and the ghost town it is in by visiting their website here. 

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