If you're a fan of places that make you feel like you've traveled not only out of the country but outside of the planet, we have a great Airbnb for you. Basecamp Terlingua offers guests a night in giant inflatable bubble homes. The bubble houses are located out west in Terlingua, where they are known to have the most unique and unforgettable glamping experiences ever.

This bubble is one of the first inflatable homes in the United States. It houses two adults and has a queen bed. The bubble is equipt with air conditioning and heat, wi-fi, indoor shower and all with complete privacy.

The domes have huge windows that let visitors look out from the bedroom into the desert, which means you can feel like you're sleeping under the stars without actually sleeping outside. 

You can stay here for just $200 a night for two people but there aren't any open availabilities until August so if you plan on staying here, we recommend you book this awesome place very soon! Also, the fall and winter weather makes glamping here even better than in the summer.

The five-star-rated bubbles are far away enough from everything else that it'll give you complete privacy.  The bubbles come with a fire pit outside where you can relax and have a cold one. The fire pit would be the only place to cook at the inside of the house does not have a kitchen but it does have a Keurig.

Unfortunately, there aren't any pets allowed in the house but the experience is just too amazing to pass up. Take note that you have to climb stairs to be able to enter the house. 

The house is located in Terlingua close to plenty of glamping sites. Basecamp Terlingua also offers tipis, tents, and casitas at their stunning campground near Big Bend. For more information on this amazing inflatable bubble house and to book your stay, you can visit their website here!

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