The walls of any train station are filled with stories from its visitors, but some hold more than just memories. The Rio Grande Train Depot in Utah has some seriously spooky vibes, and the stories as to why are chilling. With such an eerie history, its no wonder why this spot is considered one of the most haunted in the state.

Once a bustling metropolis, the depot now serves as a museum, among other things.

The Rio Grande Train Depot was built in 1910 and was considered one of the most impressive of its time.

But as the station slowly became less popular until it finally shut down, some things remained behind permanently.

The station closed in 1979 to trains, but you can still visit its refurbished public facilities and see the impressive architecture that made it a hub in its prime.

It now houses a cafe as well as other offices, but despite the outward changes, there is a presence that lingers from the days when it was a bustling depot.

The platform saw many young men sent off to WWI and WWII, with bereft sweethearts left behind to mourn their absence.

Nearly any local will tell you the tale behind the Purple Lady, who is rumored to have died on the tracks after a wedding ring was thrown onto them when her lover was leaving for war.

According to the legend, she dove after the discarded ring and was hit by a train.

It is said she haunts the halls of the depot, and many people have sighted her during their visits.

Reportings of an angry woman wearing a purple dress appearing in the bathrooms and other areas abound.

Security guards over the years have reported phantom footsteps and other ghostly apparitions.

If you are brave enough to visit, you might be (un)lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her...but be warned, and she's no Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Rio Grande Train Depot

Price: Free

Address: 300 S. Rio Grande St., Salt Lake City, UT

Why You Need To Go: You can visit this relic of the past while visiting the city, and perhaps glimpse the spooky specter that supposedly haunts its walls.


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