Are you ready for an awesome adventure that will sweep you back in time? Lake 22 rainforest trail in Washington leads you through dense tropical forests that feel like something out of Jurassic Park. The gorgeous hike offers panoramic views of the lush flora and fauna, as well as a shimmering lakeside jaunt.

While there might not be any dinosaurs left, you will be whisked away to the prehistoric era as you explore these thickly wooded areas.

Lake 22 in Granite Falls, Washington is a fascinating trail that flows deeper and deeper into the wild rainforest of the area.

The hike is 2.7 miles one way and leads you through towering Cedar and Hemlock trees.

Because of the extremely wet environment, you will see thick moss, wild ferns, and other lush plant life that looks like something from millions of years ago.

To reach the path, you will follow Mount Loop Highway 2 miles from the Verlot Public Service Center, which is 11 miles east of Granite Falls. The trailhead sits on the right-hand side of the road.

A forest pass costs $5 for the day.

Make sure to wear water and mudproof footwear, as the path is usually very wet thanks to the rainforest landscape. There is a mix of different trail surfaces throughout the hike, including bridges, steps, and turnpikes.

The overall effect is like a secret path created over hundreds of years and left behind for you to find.

When you reach the lake, a bridge looks out over the shimmering waters for the perfect end to an already magical hike.

There is a trail that wraps around the shore, as well, so you can explore a little further before turning around.

You can bring a picnic or just enjoy a rest on the waterside, but the true fun is wandering through the dense forest that feels worlds away from reality.

It is almost easy to imagine that dinosaurs still do roam the earth, and at any moment one might pop out of the towering ferns.

Then you could really say the hike was dino-mite.

Lake 22

Price: $5

When: Year-round

Location: North Cascades, Mountain Loop Hwy., WA

Why You Need To Go: You can wander through this lush rainforest that looks like something from the prehistoric era.


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