This summer, take a road trip to Whiteface Mountain, the fifth highest peak in New York State and home to some of the best views of the Adirondack landscape.

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Located just three hours away from Kingston, Ontario in the quaint town of Wilmington, Whiteface Mountain primarily serves as a five-star winter ski resort. It offers the greatest vertical of any mountain in the Northeast region serviced by lifts, and is visited by thousands of people every year.

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It also consists of an 8-mile route called the Whiteface Veteran's Memorial Highway, which slowly ascends towards the mountain's summit. Most of the route can be completed by car; however, at 4,610 feet, visitors can choose to climb the rest of the way via a man-made stone staircase called the Stairway Ridge Trail, which gives the absolute best vantage points for taking in the spectacular views.

You'll see everything from green-covered mountain ranges to surging rivers and valleys as you make your climb. There are also informative signs along the way which give more information about the history of the trail and the mountain in general. 

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The Whiteface Veterans' Memorial Highway reopens to the public every summer. For more information, visit the Whiteface Mountain website.

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