Winter all across Canada has been brutal, especially this past week. We've had endless amounts of snow, ice, and freezing cold temperatures to last us a lifetime! One of the provinces that get let of pretty easy during the winter months is the beautiful British Columbia.   

Usually flights all the way from Ontario to BC can be seriously pricey, so pricey that many Canadians (like me) have never been there to experience the natural beauty in person. Lucky for us, there are some seriously good deals going on this spring where you can fly to BC for just $89! 

Swoop Airlines, Canada's first ultra-low-cost airline offers some really great deals to most of Canada's provinces, giving Canadians the most affordable way to explore the rest of their country! 

In April you can find flights through Swoop Airlines from London, Ontario to Abbotsford, British Columbia for as low as $89. You can find these deals starting on April 25th and running all the way into May and June! Most of the days in these months are offering flights for just $89 with a few days for $99 and upwards. 

Abbotsford is just a 1-hour drive from the bustling metropolis of Vancouver which is perfect for everyone for everyone looking to stay in the city but not having to pay for super expensive flights into the city airport. 

One thing to remember with Swoop Airlines is that since it's a low-cost carrier many of the perks we're used to from other airlines like free baggage check, seat selection, onboard wifi and snacks, etc. all come at an extra cost. If you can swing it, try to fit a small number of clothes into your carry on and then there won't be any hidden fees waiting for you at the gate! 

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Check out their website to book your flights! 






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