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You Can Rent These Adorable Mini Cabins Near Ontario For A Magical Night In The Forest

The perfect winter getaway!

During these frigid months of the year escaping on vacation is almost required. Even though most of us wish we could hop on a plane to the cobblestoned streets of Paris or the sandy beaches of the Maldives, that just isn't very realistic. Spending that kind of money on a vacation is the dream, but if you can't afford it taking a road trip to a magical cabin in the woods is just as good! 

You can relax in these adorable mini cabins near Ontario where you'll be surrounded by fluffy snow drifting past the large windows, spend your evenings roasting marshmallows by the outdoor firepit and waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the smell of fresh coffee. Doesn't that sound like a dream? 

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Located deep within the lush forests of Catskill, New York you can find these adorable tiny cabins perfect for a weekend escape from the city. Catskill, New York is only a 6.5-hour drive from Toronto, a 5.5-hour drive from Ottawa, a 4 hour and 45 min drive from Kingston, and a 7-hour drive from London. 

These Getaway cabins are the perfect hideaway from your everyday life and they're super easy to get to on a fun road trip from the city! There are 12 cabins available scattered throughout the forest to give each guest a private and secluded escape. 

All of the cabins come with a cellphone lockbox so you can completely unplug from the online world, Queen beds, a hot shower, shampoo + conditioner, climate control, a two-burner stove for cooking, a sink with drinking water, salt, pepper, and olive oil, a private toilet, purchasable provisions, chairs + picnic tables, and a campfire grate! 

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There are 2 types of cabins available to rent, one that fits 2 people and one that fits 4 people. Prices for the cabins range from $129-$199 per night depending on whether you'll be staying during the week or on the weekends. Winter is still a very popular time of year to book the cabins because you'll be sleeping with a literal winter wonderland outside your window! 

If you want to enjoy a fire with S'mores in the evening you can purchase a fire kit as well as any meals you want to cook while you're there when you book your stay online. You can choose to cook outdoors on the fire or indoors on the stove! 

This is clearly the perfect place to escape for the hustle and bustle of everyday life, lock your phone away and unplug from social media, and reconnect with your friends or loved one in a beautiful natural setting. If you want to explore the outdoors while you're there they have tons of sightseeing spots nearby that are offered on their website. 

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Check out their website for more information! 



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