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You Can Ride Down This Magical 1 KM Toboggan Slide In Canada This Winter

Experience a winter adventure!

As Canadians we've come to accept that the winter months will be pretty terrible weather-wise. There's just no way to avoid the freezing cold temperatures, the icy sidwalks, and the inevitable snowstorms that are coming our way. Unless of course you hop on a plane to Florida for 4 months and leave this all behind. 

But since we're Canadian we don't shy away from the cold weather, we embrace it! If you're a lover of fluffy snow and wintry outdoor experiences then you definitely need to head down to Quebec City this winter! Every year Quebec City transforms into a literal winter wonderland with streets like look like you're walking inside a Christmas movie, massive winter carnivals, and this amazing toboggan slide. 

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The Toboggan Slide Au 1884 is actually a historic monument in the city that's been around for over 100 years! It was created, as the name states, in 1884 and it's one of the most fun winter traditions in the city. 

It's located near the infamous Chateau Frontenac and the ride will give you breathtaking views of the city covered in a wintry blanket of snow! The toboggan slide is open from December to March every year and usually runs from 9-5. During the Winter Carnival in February they will stay open later into the evening so you can go for a midnight run with views of the twinkling lights of the city in front of you. 

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The slide is a short ride but it gets up 70 km/hr in speed! They have 3 icy runs so you can ride down at the same time as your family and friends if you want to. The attendant at the bottom of the run will hand you the classic toboggan and you'll walk up to the top before you start your adventure! You can fit up to 4 people on each slide so if you have children they don't have to ride alone.

There is also a small cafe and a snack shop at the bottom of the Toboggan Slide so you can grab some hot cocoa and a sweat treat in between runs! The price is $3 per person to ride, $7 for two people plus hot chocolates, a pacakge of 4 slides for $10, and even groups of 20 people or more for addition charges! 

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Check out their website for more information! 




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