$100,000 'Treasure Chests' Are Reportedly Being Hidden Around Canada

The company behind the treasure hunt wants to change people's lives.
Ontario Editor
$100,000 'Treasure Chests' Are Reportedly Being Hidden Around Canada

Canada has officially been transported into the world of National Treasure as one Canadian company has announced that they have hidden three treasure chests around Canada and they are yours for the taking... if you can actually find them. Starting on June 1, Gold Hunt will kick off their national treasure hunt where Canadians will be able to hunt for three of these chests that contain $100,000 worth of gold and silver. Just like a real pirate, you will have to test your abilities of map reading and riddle-solving to be the first person to dig up the prize. 

Gold Hunt claims that they have buried a treasure chest in Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver, and starting on June 1 Canadians can use their treasure maps to try and track them down.

When the Calgary Star reached out to Gold Hunt to ask why the company was doing this treasure hunt, they stated that they were a group of passionate puzzle solvers who just wanted to help change somebody's life. 

Gold Hunt told Calgary Star, "Can you imagine what it would look like if a family was doing this as a fun weekend activity and actually came into $100,000? That puts their kids through school, it maybe pays off part of their mortgage. That's a huge win for people."

In order to participate, the company is selling its treasure maps for those who want to try and solve the puzzle. To get the basic treasure map for the city of your choice, it will cost you $25. The map will be released to you on June 1 and will include a poem with a series of riddles and messages that will help you find where the treasure is buried.

However, there is a bonus map that you can also purchase for $45 which will give you five additional clues that are supposed to help you solve the mystery riddles quicker. However, Gold Hunt assures that whichever map you choose will still lead you to the treasure.  

According to the Calgary Star there are only limited amounts of maps that the company is selling for the three separate treasure hunts. One of the main reasons for limiting how many people can participate is in attempts to reduce the number of holes that hunters will dig across the city. The company also said they encourage people to contact provincial officials before digging to make sure they don't hit a power line or anything.

The company told the Calgary Star that if successful, they want to continue the event all across Canada. They also told the star that the investors behind the treasure hunt want to give away $1 million over the next three years. 

So if you're a fan of escape rooms and puzzles, this might be the perfect weekend adventure for you. It's time to grab your shovels and start digging!