Depending on the vibe, the woods can be either a charming and magical place, or a creepy, haunting one. If you came across an enchanting-looking treehouse in the middle of forest, what would you think? Fairytale come true, or definitely the Blair Witch’s new hangout? Only stepping through front door will tell which, and at the Johnny Knight Treehouse in the woods of Mississippi, magical things surely await.

The hand-crafted treehouse reaches up from the trees in long, irregular angles. It’s fantastical for sure, with just the right amount of creep factor thrown in for fun.

But don’t worry, there are no malevolent witches lurking about here. In fact, this place is something straight out of a fairytale—one of the nice ones.

The treehouse is the handcrafted work of Johnny Knight, and is now owned by his niece, Gloria. If you’re interested in staying the night in this incredible place or booking for a photoshoot or tour, Gloria is the one to contact.

You can transport yourself into a fairy wonderland and call the treehouse home, just for a few days. To rent just the treehouse is $200 a night, and you can add on the cottage as well for an extra $100 a night, plus a $50 cleaning fee. While it’s secluded and quiet, you’re just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Mendenhall.

The treehouse is stocked with modern amenities like a full bath and heating and even an indoor fireplace for chilly nights.

The treehouse sleeps four to six people, while the cottage sleeps two, so it’s perfect for group getaways and reunions.

You can greet the morning by wandering across the suspended bridge and observing from the lookout, and even wander along the freshwater spring on an easy hike.

Wonder awaits, and this treehouse is the perfect place to start!

Johnny Knight Tree House

Price Per Night: $200

Address Or Neighbourhood: Medenhall, MS

Why You Need To Go: Be transported to a fairy wonderland in this magical treehouse!

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.