6 Eyewear Brands That Have Incredible Deals Happening In Canada Right Now

With free shipping to boot!
6 Eyewear Brands That Have Incredible Deals Happening In Canada Right Now
Senior Editor, Studio

Just like clothes or shoes, glasses can say a lot about your personality. You may already have a few different frames you rotate depending on your mood. But like a pair of sneakers, glasses can wear out or go out of style.

Now's the time to swap out your old frames for fresh new ones. A lot of eyewear brands have amazing promotions going on right now.

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Whatever trend you’re into—maybe you’re a fan of cat eye frames or the round-shaped ones—Kits has a ton to choose from. They even have blue light blocking lenses you can get if you spend a lot of time on the computer.

Use the promo code FREEKITS to get your first pair for free (you just need to pay $9.95 for shipping)!


From now until April 29, you can get 30% off everything with the promo code SPECSALE. You can shop by colour or by shape to find a few pairs you’ll love that all your friends will compliment you on.

You can also get 50% off frames and just $6 two-day shipping with the promo code 50FRAME, valid until June 30.


Finding a pair of glasses that make you look and feel amazing will be easy, especially since some frames are as cheap as $9!

Use the promo code LENSUP40 to get 40% off all lens upgrades.

If you wear contacts from time to time, stock up on them now because you can get a free pair of sunglasses with your order over $99. Just use the promo code SUNSHINE99 at checkout.


In addition to selling trendy frames, Bonlook also sells progressive, computer and anti-fatigue lenses, too, if you’re looking to take better care of your eye health.

Right now you can save $75 on your second pair when shopping online, no promo code necessary.

Zenni Optical

What’s really cool is that you can shop by face shape, so you can find the coolest frames that will fit you perfectly. You can find a lot of star-studded collections here, including one from Rashida Jones that’s super cute and affordable.

You can find lots of prescription glasses and sunglasses starting at $12 that come with free shipping.

Glasses USA

This company has over 7,000 different frames to choose from but don't let that overwhelm you. It's better to have more options than less, right?

If it's your first time shopping here you can get 65% off your first pair if you sign up for their newsletter (they'll email you the promo code).

You can also use the promo code LENSES60 to get 60% off all lens upgrades and enjoy free shipping (Canada included).

Natalia Buia
Senior Editor, Studio