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You'll Feel Like You're In A Real-Life 'Beetlejuice' When Visiting This Arizona Ranch

A whimsical mix of the Twilight Zone and Beetlejuice.
Triangle L Ranch In Arizona Is Home To A Funky Sculpture Park Filled

As Thomas Merton once said: "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." If you need to lose yourself, this spot will sweep you away to a fantastical world. Triangle L Ranch in Arizona is home to a funky sculpture park filled with whimsical art installations. Who knows what else you might find while you're there.

Nature can be its own artist's palette, but a little added decor always makes for an exciting adventure in the great outdoors.

Triangle L Ranch in Oracle, Arizona, is home to great creative outlets that let you truly experience something out of the ordinary.

The sculpture park that sits on the property boasts funky sculptures and calming labyrinths that you can wander through at your own pace.

You can explore ten acres of pathways scattered with art-installations, then check out the stunning plant life that thrives in the desert region.

Entry cost is in the form of donations, and visits are by appointment only.

You can call to make a reservation, then prepare to enjoy a quiet stroll past towering metal cacti and oversized deer heads.

Each piece is more impressive and dazzling than the next. The park feels like you've stepped into the twilight zone, where objects from all over have dropped from a portal to form a unique and dreamy landscape.

Glow is a nighttime addition to the installations featured during the fall months that add another level to the sensory loaded adventure.

If you visit during Glow, you'll find lamps swinging from trees lit up to illuminate the whisps of foliage and mystical blue-lit installations that reach toward the night sky.

Even during the daytime, the magical aura of the park is perfect for a dreamy escape.

Grab your camera and get ready for some incredibly spectacular snaps, because you will want to lose yourself in this wild and fantastical dreamland.

Triangle L Ranch Sculpture Garden

Price: Free

When: By appointment only

Address: 2805 North Triangle L. Ranch Rd., Oracle, AZ

Why You Need To Go: This funky sculpture park is a dreamy version of the twilight zone.


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