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Tropical Vibes Cones & Bowls Key West Ice Cream Shop Has Hippie Vibes

It is no secret that Key West is hot, but thankfully there a ton of different ways to cool off when it gets to be too much. If you’re looking for something sweet, healthy, authentic, and unique, however, your search may take a little longer. That is until you stumble upon Tropical Vibes Cones & Bowls, the only spot around where you can get true Thai hand-rolled ice cream, Hawaiian shave ice, Brazilian açaí bowls, and the best vibes around!

You can search all you want for a negative review of this place online, but all you’ll find are customers singing the praises of this little family-owned and operated oasis. Probably best known for their authentic hand-rolled ice cream, this traditional Thai street food has become a work of art at Tropical Vibes.

Put in your order, and watch the magic happen right before your eyes as they pour the ingredients on nitrogen pans and create the freshest cup of rolled ice cream you’ve ever had.

The word “vibes” isn’t in the name for nothing, either. Cheerful and friendly, the staff at Tropical Vibes have an infectious energy that’ll have you bouncing as you make your order at a refurbished ’73 VW bus. One thing is for sure: this is not your average ice cream shop.

The exotic and authentic treats don’t stop with rolled ice cream. There’s also the Hawaiian shave ice — real shave ice, not just a regular old snow cone.

If you’re not full yet, then definitely try a Brazilian açaí bowl.

Loaded with healthy goodness like fresh fruits, granola, and honey, it’s a perfect snack for the health-conscious while still catering to that sweet tooth.

The Halligan family, originally from Tampa, treats all their customers like extended family members, with 20% discounts exclusive to Key West natives. In fact, their shop blossomed from the love of the island back in 2017 when the area was devastated by Hurricane Irma.

The whole Halligan family didn't hesitate to come help the affected area, staying in their vacation rental while they volunteered. After feeling such love from the community while they helped clean the place up, they decided to stay.

After selling their Tampa home in 2018, they had one month to build their new establishment, using salvaged timber to create tables and bartops. They continue to donate to local sports teams and give back to the community that started it all.

Delicious, authentic treats, fresh ingredients, and good vibes make this Key West oasis the ultimate feel-good spot.

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Tropical Vibes Cones & Bowls

Address: 411 Greene St., Key West, FL

Why You Need To Go: Authentic desserts and the coolest vibes around make this the most unique ice cream shop around.

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