Just in time for the beginning of official summer in Canada, the weather in Ontario this weekend is glorious, with highs in the province reaching 25 degrees today. However, for any unfortunate Canadian drivers that will be making their way across Ontario’s Highway 401 on Saturday, the combination of the warm, sunny weather and the remnants of an accident earlier today, could make for a rather stinky journey. A truck rollover on the 401 spilt eggs all across the road. 

The messy collision was reported Saturday morning on Highway 401 in Scarborough, just before 6:30 AM. The accident, which was located on the eastbound ramp to Warden Ave., blocked two lanes of traffic after a heavy vehicle loaded with thousands of eggs was rolled over. According to online reports, the driver of the truck was taken to hospital shortly after with only minor injuries. 

The tractor-trailer, which was loaded with thousands of eggs, was heading eastbound on the 401, trying to come off at Warden Avenue. According to reports, the large truck tipped over and the thousands of eggs were spilled all over the highway. While police and paramedics have already attended the scene, it is not known at this time what caused the accident, or what led to the heavy vehicle rolling over.

While the initial priority was to ensure the driver of the truck was safe, those on the scene also quickly became concerned with the incredible amount of eggs that were now rolling and cracking all over the highway. According to CP24, with the hot weather that is expected throughout the day in Ontario, there could be eggs cooking all over North America’s busiest highway all afternoon!

Just after 6:30 AM on Saturday morning, the official Twitter page for the Ontario Provincial Police tweeted “Collision: #Hwy401 EB ramp to Warden Ave. blocked after a truck loaded with eggs,l rolled over. Driver taken to hospital with minor injuries.Clean up will continue for several more hours.”

While many people expressed concern for the welfare of the driver and requested traffic updates, several Twitter users saw the incident as an egg-cellent opportunity to crack some egg-related yolks!

If you're driving down Highway 401 in the sun this Saturday, keep a look out for any un-egg-spected food on the road. Also if you're heading that way and have a strong sense of smell, maybe it would be best to keep the windows firmly up!