Scheer Thinks Trudeau & The NDP Are "Ganging Up" So He's Attacking Them As One

Neither Trudeau or Singh have addressed the coalition rumours.
Trudeau & The NDP Coalition Rumours Are Circling & Andrew Scheer Is Getting In On It

As the election draws nearer, it's still anyone's guess as to what will really happen with the next government of Canada. One new theory has emerged though. Andrew Scheer is convinced that Trudeau & The NDP coalition is real and he's already attacking it. 

Talking about the possibility of a minority government, in a new video posted on Twitter, Andrew Scheer says "I just found out that Justin Trudeau is planning on forming a coalition government with the NDP so he can remain prime minister." 

In this case, a coalition government would mean that in the event that Justin Trudeau's Liberal party wins a minority government, they would partner with the NDP to hold power and implement policies together. In a coalition, no one party has a majority. 

However, Andrew Scheer is already not a fan of this plan and thinks Canadians should be wary of it too. In the video, he continues saying, "but this is the coalition you can't afford. Even higher taxes. Even more deficits." 

Scheer says the only way to stop them is to vote Conservative. "Only a Conservative majority government can stop Trudeau and the NDP from ganging up together to take even more money out of your pockets."

The video isn't the only time Scheer attacks the coalition. In a number of tweets on the Conservative party's official Twitter page, they echo the messaging from the video, saying that voting for a Conservative majority is the only way to stop the "coalition you can't afford." 

However, one of the parties involved in this reported coalition has kept quiet about it. Global reports that in press conferences on Monday, Trudeau avoided questions about the possible coalition stating that he is only focused on winning a majority. 

Meanwhile, Singh has been a bit more open, saying he would consider forming a coalition with the Liberals to prevent Andrew Scheer from becoming Prime Minister. 

If Andrew Scheer does win a minority government, a Liberal-NDP coalition would still be a danger to him, as the two parties combined would hold more seats than the Conservatives and be able to vote against any bills Scheer introduces. 

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