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Trudeau Dressed Up For Halloween And People Can't Get Enough

The Man of Steel hits Parliament
Trudeau Dressed Up For Halloween And People Can't Get Enough

Even though the rest of the world pretty seems to idolize and adore him, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can be a pretty polarizing figure within Canada. But whatever your feelings are about the PM or his policies, you can't deny that the man has some serious style and an admirable lightheartedness heretofore NEVER seen by any Canadian Prime Minister.

And this Halloween, the man who runs the country kicked the fun up a notch by dressing up in full costume and headed to work, which might not seem like a big deal for the average person but might raise some eyebrows when your office is in Parliament.

Headed to the House of Commons for Question Period, Trudeau was in head-to-toe costume, dressed as Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent (because seriously, Superman, who are you kidding, you're not a great reporter. Stick to your night job).

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With perfectly parted and slicked hair, thick-framed glasses, suit, tie, the notable "S" on his chest and the blue eyes to boot, Trudeau nailed the Clark Kent look. And people can't get enough of it.

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And the best part was his epic reveal. He descended the stairs of the House of Commons in what appeared to be a seemingly normal outfit, with the addition of glasses.

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But then he quickly opened his shirt and flashed his chest for the cameras. Classic Trudeau.

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After finishing up his workday, Trudeau headed home to Rideau Hall to hang with his equally-as-dressed-up family for Halloween festivities and trick-or-treating.

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This one might just win him more brownie points as the world's best national leader. Ever.

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