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Gurkiran Kaur & Andrew Scheer's Kids Were The Only Ones Celebrating Halloween On Insta

There's been no sign of the Trudeau family trick-or-treating yet!
Trudeau Family's Halloween Costumes Are Nowhere To Be Seen On Social Media

On November 1, social media sites are almost exclusively filled with pictures and videos of various Halloween costumes from the night before. For politicians, things are no different, and several of the country’s leading political figures have really put some effort into the festivities. That said, while Gurkiran Kaur looked awesome, and Andrew Scheer's kids went all-out, the Trudeau family's Halloween costumes are nowhere to be seen on social media.

While the Trudeau family has kept uncharacteristically quiet about their Halloween plans, other members of Canada’s political elite have been out in full force. Fashion designer and entrepreneur Gurkiran Kaur looked incredible dressed-up as Wonder Woman, and Andrew Scheer’s kids wore their spookiest attire for an adorable Insta-pic.

However, there was one family who was noticeably quiet during all of the October 31 festivities, and it’s unusual because they are known to have fully-embraced the spooky season in the past.

Since becoming Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his family have never missed an opportunity to go all-out for Halloween. Between regular pumpkin-picking and no-expenses-spared family costumes, it’s clear that the Trudeaus love Halloween, and they've never been afraid to show it!

However, after photos emerged during the federal election of the Prime Minister previously dressing up in blackface, Canada's newly re-elected leader confirmed that he would not be dressing up for Halloween this year.

That said, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and their three kids are still likely to have made the effort to get dressed up, despite the terrible weather that Ontario and Quebec experienced on Thursday night.

However, there are still no pictures of the Trudeau family’s 2019 costumes on social media, which is surprising as both Grégoire Trudeau and her husband are usually happy to share these insights into their family life.

While social media has yet to enjoy any Trudeau-family Halloween pictures, the internet has been busy swooning over Jagmeet Singh's wife, Gurkiran Kaur, who took to Instagram to post a picture of herself in costume as Wonder Woman. 

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer also shared a spooky-season photo with his family on Instagram, adding the witty caption, “The rain didn’t stop the Scheer kids from trick-or-treating tonight. Hope everyone had fun and stayed dry. (Teenager not pictured cause apparently he’s too old now).”

Despite usually loving Halloween, it’s clear why the Prime Minister may be feeling a little uncomfortable with any celebrations this year.

After being wrapped up in the blackface controversy earlier this year, there were also reports that Canadians were planning to dress up as Trudeau-in-blackface for Halloween.

Trudeau also found himself involved in the Bed, Bath and Beyond “blackface pumpkin” debacle, when Canadians started referring to the racist product as a “Trudeau pumpkin.”

While it’s no surprise that Justin Trudeau probably wanted to lay-low until Halloween is over, we’re still hoping to get a glimpse of whatever Sophie Grégoire Trudeau wore on the night.

If it’s anything like Gurkiran Kaur’s effort — we’re all in for a "treat!"

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