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Trudeau Just Promised $850 Million To Help Fight COVID-19 Worldwide

"We need to take care of ourselves and ... the rest of the world as well."

The Prime Minister has confirmed that Canada will be making a hefty contribution towards the global fight against COVID-19. At a virtual global summit on Monday, Trudeau pledged $850 million. The cash will help to fund potential vaccines and treatments for the disease, as well as support “worldwide economic recovery.”

On Monday, leaders from around the world gathered for a virtual summit, which was focused on raising funds to help combat COVID-19 globally.

The fundraising event aims to raise over $11 billion (7.5 billion euros) to cover what the European Union calls the “global funding shortfall.”

The cash will go towards developing diagnostics, treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, and should “lay the groundwork for a sustainable worldwide economic recovery.”

To this end, Trudeau pledged $850 million to the global fund.

“When a storm comes, people tend to want to hunker down with their friends, with their families and wait till it blows over,” he explained in a statement.

The PM continued, “... But we cannot isolate ourselves, we cannot hope that everyone else does well while we take care of ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves and take care of the rest of the world as well.”

The global fundraising effort is centred around the idea that all countries have a part to play in controlling the spread of COVID-19, and eventually finding an effective treatment. 

Sharing his commitment to the cause, Trudeau explained, "None of us is immune to the effects of COVID-19, and none of us can beat the virus alone. Only by protecting each other can we protect ourselves."

"Together, we will win,” the Prime Minister concluded on Monday.

Joining Trudeau at the virtual summit were representatives from France, Germany, Spain, Norway, the United Kingdom, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Italy.

At the time of writing, the combined total raised was 3.5 billion euros, almost half of the fundraiser’s goal.

Trudeau is expected to provide further information about his hefty pledge during his daily COVID-19 briefing on Monday.

As of Monday morning, there were 59,474 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada.

The global total stands at 3,580,167 people.