Trudeau Is Calling Out The US Vice President For Their Abortion Laws And Canadians Think That's A Terrible Idea

Things are about to get heated!
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Trudeau Is Calling Out The US Vice President For Their Abortion Laws And Canadians Think That's A Terrible Idea

Justin Trudeau will meet with the US Vice President in Ottawa today to continue efforts to finalize the new US-Canada-Mexico trade deal. That's not the only item on Trudeau's agenda though. While their discussions will focus on trade, Prime Minister Trudeau will call out US abortion laws and told reporters yesterday that he will not shy away from discussing what he called “the backsliding of women’s rights”.

The Prime Minister’s concern follows the introduction of numerous anti-abortion laws that have come into place across the United States in recent weeks. Earlier in May, Alabama passed a new bill that could see those who have or assist with termination of pregnancy face up to 99 years of jail time.

Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Mississippi have also introduced new bills that make abortion illegal once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can often be before a woman even realises she is pregnant.

Trudeau says he will not hesitate to discuss his concern with Pence when they meet in Ottawa today. In a video published by CBC, Trudeau says "Obviously I am very concerned with the situation...that we're seeing from conservative movements here in Canada, in the United States and around the world."

Mike Pence isn’t the first politician to feel the wrath of Trudeau when it comes to this abortion issue. The Prime Minister also continues to speak out against Canadian Conservative politicians ahead of the federal election this October.

Although opposition leader Andrew Scheer has repeatedly assured the public that there would be no intention to reinstate abortion laws in Canada, Trudeau argues a Conservative government would push to restrict abortions similar to what's happening currently in the US.

While many Canadian’s have applauded Trudeau’s passion, other’s are concerned his desire to have his voice heard could cause tension in the already-delicate relations.

Some Canadian's also suggested that there were other issues that Trudeau should be focusing on in their meeting today.

While many people are calling out Justin Trudeau for choosing to talk about abortion with Pence, there are also a number of Canadians on Twitter who have praised Trudeau for championing women's rights around the world. 

Whatever the outcome of their meeting today though, Canadian's will be keeping a firm eye on Trudeau's decisions and likely the abortion issues in the run-up to the elections this fall.

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