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Trump Finally Responded To That Video Of Trudeau's Trash Talk Because Drama

So much going on at this NATO summit.
Trudeau's NATO Trump Remarks Prompt Trump To Call Him "Two-Faced"

A video taken at this week's NATO summit in England seemed to show Justin Trudeau speaking with other world leaders and candidly speaking about Trump. Trudeau's NATO Trump remarks appear to be directed at the President's press conference with French President Macron, as well as reactions from Trump's own team during his public statements.

The video first shows British Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking Macron "is that why you were late?" Trudeau follows that statement by saying, "he was late because he takes a 40 minute press conference off the top."

The remark appears to be in reference to a joint press conference between Trump and Macron where the two leaders sparred in front of reporters. Trump had also been pressing Trudeau about his NATO defense spending.

The rest of the conversation cannot be made out, but later on, Trudeau is clearly heard saying "You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor." While the context is not clear, some believe Trudeau may have been referring to Trump's team during the press conferences.

Trudeau and Trump have had their disagreements in the past. However, this may be the first time that candid comments about the President from the Prime Minister have been caught on camera.

Trump apparently was aware of the conversation, and on Wednesday during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he said that Trudeau was "two-faced," and that he was upset about being called out on NATO spending.

There are already plenty of reactions to all of the drama taking place at NATO, with one user even pointing out how if Trump had done something similar, it would barely be newsworthy.

"Isn't it mad how Trudeau, Macron and Johnson privately gossiping about trump is an embarrassing newsworthy scandal. Yet Trump could publicly call them all Shitheads on twitter and no one would bat an eyelid?" wrote @Rubberbandits.

Other users shared their own takes on the conversation between world leaders.

"For back home, optically, this looks good on Trudeau. He's witty, and a lot of regular voters would probably agree with him and chuckle softly," wrote @realPeteMaragos.

After Donald Trump made his "two-faced" comment to the press, other Twitter users began using it as an excuse to take digs at the Prime Minister, particularly for his Blackface scandal.

The NATO Summit will continue with world leaders meeting to discuss topics including China, Russia, and worldwide terrorism.

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