Trump Fans Actually Booed After He Suggested Singing "O Canada" With The Crowd

Trump suggested he loves the Canadian anthem during one of his recent rallies.
Ontario Editor
Trump Fans Actually Booed After He Suggested Singing "O Canada" With The Crowd

Donald Trump likes to often take digs at his northern neighbour, Canada. Whether it be about free trade or just about us sharing the continent, Trump has seemed to find a way to bring us up in his speeches for the past few months. This Saturday, the President attended a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin where Trump encouraged the crowd to sing O Canada, which resulted in an earful of boos from his fans.  

With Trump skipping out on the White House Correspondent Dinner for the third year in a row, he headed down to Wisconsin where he attended a rally in which he talked about the 2020 Democratic party. 

While Trump is known for saying some pretty crazy things, it still seems to shock us when he directs them to his friendly neighbours of the North. Through this speech, Canada managed to come up and the audience didn't seem to happy about it. 

Trump targeted Canada near the beginning of his speech stating, "And Canada, has been taking big advantage of your agricultural products, you know that,". 

He continues to go on by saying, "You know Canada, we love the song O Canada. Let's sing O Canada,". However, the audience does not comply with Trump's request and instead decides to boo the President's request, forcing him to move on about Canada and the agricultural trade. 

This jab to Canada comes only three weeks after Trump gave Canada the most backhanded compliment ever.  During the annual spring dinner for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Trump stated that Canadians were "not nice at all" and that he was the one who actually made Canada nice. 

All of these jabs come after a long process to negotiate the North American free-trade agreement, now called the USMCA. Trump has announced on multiple occasions that while he was attempting to negotiate the new terms for the trade agreement Canada was not nice about it. 

Trump has also bragged about how he has ended up pressuring Canada into accepting his terms for this free-trade agreement. 

To make matters worse, in September, Trump also stated that Canada treated the US "very badly" and that we are "very spoiled". 

Now, Canadians have reached out through Twitter about this booing experience, and many of them don't seem very happy about it. 

No matter what Canadians think about all of Trump's comments and the latest booing situation, it seems that they can agree that Trump isn't being the nicest to his friendly Northern neighbours. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor