People Are Losing It Over Trump's Diet Coke Button That Biden Removed From The Oval Office

And "Family Guy" predicted it?!
Donald Trump Diet Coke Button Twitter Oval Office Joe Biden

Twitter is losing it over the fact that Donald Trump apparently had a Diet Coke button on his desk in the Oval Office that he could press whenever he wanted a refreshment.

Many also noticed that President Biden removed said button from the desk when he took over and revamped the Oval Office.

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It was unbeknownst to many that this hilarious button even existed.

But guess who did know — Family Guy. 

It did not go unnoticed that Biden removed the button from the desk when he took over the Oval Office. 

"Diet Coke" was even trending on Twitter because so many people were losing their minds over it. 

But others were on the same page as Trump and wished they had a Diet Coke button of their own.