As if Nova Scotia needed more bad news, a search is currently ongoing for a Truro missing child. The 3-year-old went missing on May 6. So far, all the authorities have managed to find is a pair of boots belonging to him.

Dylan Ehler went missing from his home on Wednesday afternoon, with the search for him beginning at 1:30 PM Atlantic time, according to CBC News. He was visiting his grandparents at the time.

Dylan's mother, Michalle Ash, posted on Facebook that his boots were found by the river.

The Town of Truro provided an update via its Facebook Page at 12:00 PM Eastern on May 7, saying that the search was ongoing, and that the Provincial Dive Team was searching in the waterways near the Salmon River.

"Truro Police can confirm that the search is continuing to focus on a waterway near the last know sighting of Dylan," the post reads.

The town also noted that the Department of Natural Resources is providing air support.

Ash expressed her thanks to all of the people continuing their search, writing on Facebook, "Every officer, rescue team member, volunteers, friends, family and every person who is praying for us. THANK YOU. It does give some comfort to know that all of these people who don't know me or my family are out there looking with every tool they have."

While this case does involve a missing child, an Amber Alert was not sent out.

This is due to the fact that the police do not suspect any foul play such as kidnapping in Dylan's disappearance.

The police have also asked people to stay home during this time as they have enough search and rescue teams working on the effort.

"Having civilians onsite could potentially lead to the destruction of evidence or tracks," the Town of Truro wrote on Facebook.

They did, however, ask people to check their own properties for any sign of Dylan, and to stay informed through the proper media channels.