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Tucson Fire Department's Dramatic Rescue Involved Saving A Man Stuck In A Tree (PHOTOS)

One community in Arizona was gripped with an unexpected tree trimming issue on Wednesday afternoon. The Tucson Fire Department responded to a call after a man found himself stuck in a massive palm tree he was trimming. Thankfully, he was set free and transferred to a hospital after. 

"Tree trimming is not easy, and certainly hazardous! We’re glad we could be there to help," the Tucson Fire Department wrote on its Twitter post

On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, the Tucson Fire Department responded to a call about a man stuck in a palm tree at a house on Camino Miramonte in Tucson. 

Officials for the fire department wrote that "Crews worked quickly to free the man." 

During the rescue process, photos were taken to document the ordeal. In the pictures, he appears to be dangling underneath the huge overgrowth of a palm tree. 

The department issued a warning on its social media for any nearby people to avoid the area, "#TucsonFire is conducting a technical rescue on Camino Miramonte - a tree trimmer is stuck in a large palm tree. Avoid the area."

After the crew's quick work, the man was transported to a hospital for further treatment.

Their hard work didn't go unappreciated as its Twitter post congratulated the crew for their hard work, "Great work A Shift! 👷‍♀️🚒🚑#TFD"

The Tucson Fire Department has been busy over these last few weeks conducting search and rescue missions, transferring sick patients, extinguishing fires, and rescuing this tree trimmer. 

The department warns that trimming trees is no easy task and can be dangerous. Thanks to their quick work, the man was rescued and is "back on solid ground."

In the end, the palm tree trimmer made it out of this ordeal in one piece. It just goes to show that any job can be risky. 

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