The Next Lottery Draw In Canada Just Hit $65 Million & You Can Play Online

The draw is on Tuesday.
The Next Lottery Draw In Canada Just Hit $65 Million & You Can Play Online

What would you do with $65 million? One lucky Canadian could be about to find find out. Next Tuesday's Lotto Max draw just hit $65 million dollars, which is close to the highest jackpot in Canadian history. The best part is you might not even have to go outside to play. 

In a news release, Lotto Max confirmed that the multi-million dollar prize would be up for grabs on Tuesday, March 24.

There would also be eight extra draws that night for $1 million each. That means a total of $73 million is waiting to be won. 

However, with the current health situation in the country, going outside to buy a lottery ticket or two may not be the best or safest idea. Fortunately, there is a solution to that depending on where you live. 

"In light of the current situation, we want to remind customers that—depending on the province they live in—they can also purchase their Lotto Max tickets online or by subscription," the company said in a statement. 

These provinces include Ontario through the PlayOLG website and Quebec through their Loto-Quebec site

B.C. and Manitoba both offer online ticket purchases through their PlayNow website

Meanwhile, on the east coast, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which serves all four eastern provinces, sells tickets for the draw on their website

Unfortunately in Alberta and Saskatchewan, online ticket purchases are only available if you want to get a whole subscription. 

Buying online may also mean some extra fees associated with processing your order. For example, in Ontario, The Star has reported in the past that these charges could be around $3.50 per ticket. 

As for the prize available this time around, it is almost breaking records. At $65 million, it comes in second place to the highest jackpot ever offered in Canada. 

The record-breaking prize was $70 million and has not only been up for grabs twice in 2020 so far but has been won twice as well. 

The first win went to a man in Brampton back and January and then in February a Quebec man in his 20s was lucky enough to become a multi-millionaire. 

While it's nice to dream about all the things you could do with an extra $65 million, it's also important to know what you're getting into when you play. 

According to OLG, the odds of winning any prize in the upcoming draw are 1 in 7. However, if you have your eyes on the big jackpot, your chance of winning drops down to approximately 1 in 33 million. 

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