The Netherlands Are Sending Canada 1.1 Million Tulips This Year & You Can Even Get Your Own

The tulips will commemorate the 75th anniversary of Canada's liberation of the Netherlands.
The Netherlands Are Sending Canada 1.1 Million Tulips This Year & You Can Even Get Your Own
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Canada will be full of colour next spring! 1.1 million orange crown-shaped tulips are being sent to Canada from growers in the Netherlands as part of the Liberation75 commemoration campaign. Now the tulips in Canada are ready to be planted and Canadians are being asked to take part in the planting mission.

The first of five shipments of the Liberation75 tulips arrived in Canada just last week. The goal is to plant all 1.1 million tulips this fall before the frost hits so they can bloom in the spring of next year.

This initiative is in recognition of the people of the Netherlands and the country's Royal Family who came to Canada during the Second World War for a safe haven. 

Liberation75 is being put on by The Canadian Tulip Festival in partnership with the National Capital Commission and the Royal Canadian Legion.

"It is the festival's honour and responsibility to ensure this vital piece of our country's history is celebrated annually, and as 2020 marks such an important anniversary, we are proud to have spearheaded this national Liberation75 campaign," said Grant Hooker, chairman and president of Canadian Tulip Festival, in a press release.

The large number of tulips also commemorate the 75th anniversary of Canadian troops liberating the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War.

The reason for the exact number of 1.1 million is because that's how many Canadians served during the war. 

The goal of this initiative is to have the tulips planted from coast to coast to coast.

Some of the bulbs will be given to 1,100 schools from all over the country while some will be planted at legion branches and in different municipalities across Canada.

"We have met so many veterans and their family members through our commemorative efforts at The Canadian Tulip Festival," said Hooker.

The tradition of the Netherlands sending Canada tulips dates back to 1945 when the first gift of 100,000 tulips was given to Canada.

If you want to help plant some of the 1.1 million Liberation75 tulips, you can buy a bag of 15 bulbs for $15 here. A portion of the cost goes to the Royal Canadian Legion.

You could even win a grand prize trip to Amsterdam if you purchase bulbs!

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