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You Can Ride Down Turquoise Glacial Rivers On Ice In BC & It's Wild

You've never seen water this vibrant.

You definitely want to say 'yes' to this adventure. If you are someone constantly searching for views that take your breath away, we found a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you'll want to try. You can ride down turquoise glacial rivers in B.C. and it is wild.

Based in Abbotsford, Compass Heli Tours told Narcity that their tours are five hours from start to finish. From Monday, May 25 to Wednesday, September 30, they'll help you glide across pristine rivers of bright blue glacial water.

It is an adventure, unlike anything you've done before. The tour begins with you leaving Abbotsford airport and flying in a helicopter for 30 minutes to coast mountains of southwestern B.C.

Once you arrive, you'll have four hours to spend exploring breathtaking frosty waterways on a kayak or stand up paddleboard. As the tours are small-group private tours, you'll feel like you have the dreamy landscape all to yourself.

Included in the trip are a picnic lunch and professional photos, which you are sure to want to share with all your friends when you return home.

The best time to visit is between late May to late June as the water will be the most vibrant. During this time, you'll travel down the turquoise water in a frozen wonderland where you see melting snow waterfalls and snow-covered mountains.

Later in the season, the scenery varies dramatically. From mid-July, the glacial rivers will be surrounded by alpine wildflowers, and the rivers will change the shade of turquoise.

Meanwhile, once September arrives, you'll get to enjoy seeing the vegetation turn to flame-like shades of ruby, gold, and citrine. The surreal landscape looks something out of a movie and is certainly bucket-list worthy.

The price to join is $1312.50 per person, including tax. The feecovers everything including a helicopter ride, your lunch, use of the kayaks and paddleboards, plus photos.

As it is a private tour, you can go with up to seven of your friends. But if you are a solo traveller, the company will help pair you with other adventures.

The ability to sign up for a tour in 2020 will open up soon and will be available on their website.

Compass Heli Tours

Price: $1312.50

When: May 25 to Wednesday, September 30,

Why You Need To Go: You can kayak on glacial rivers of bright turquoise water.