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CTV Got Caught In A Lie Regarding The Allegations Against Patrick Brown And The Fallout Is Insane

It hasn't been long since the initial allegations from two anonymous girls accused Patrick Brown of sexual misconduct, sending the Canadian political world in a frenzy and leaving Canadians themselves wondering whether the allegations were true or false. Though there has been a major slip up at CTV News that has now turned the tables with Patrick Brown vowing to reclaim his innocence. 

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It all started when CTV News released a story on Tuesday that showed a change in one of the victim's timelines. Where she had initially said she was in high school, she now said she was of legal drinking age when Brown had proposed a sexual act to her. Once Brown heard of this change he quickly took to his own Facebook page to air out his feelings and definitely did not hold anything back: 

Brown also claimed in his Facebook post that CTV News called an acquaintance of his to ask if Brown had driven his accuser to his home at the time of the alleged assault. Claiming that when he said it was untrue, they did not include it in the story because it contradicted their victim's story. Though Matthew Garrow, speaking on behalf of CTV News responded, "Patrick Brown's allegations regarding our reporting are false. As we reported once again last night, the two women have reiterated their allegations of sexual misconduct by Patrick Brown." 

While the anonymous accuser's story did change slightly, she told CBC News via her lawyer "I stand firmly by the truth of what I said about Patrick Brown's conduct involving me." Noting "collateral details are not important" in reference to the year difference in her timeline between her initial story and now.  @cdnpressembedded via

While Brown hasn't offered comments to any news outlets past his Facebook post, this probably isn't the last time we will hear from him. His party, on the other hand, will be moving on without him and will be deciding on their new leader this upcoming March. 

Source: CBC