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Trudeau Clapped Back At Scheer Calling Him A Hypocrite During The French Debates

The Liberal leader was criticized for using two planes during his campaign.
TVA Debate In French Features Scheer Calling Trudeau A Hypocrite For Using 2 Planes

While the leaders of Canada's federal parties took part in the French language debate, another war of words was going on behind the scenes. While the TVA debate in French was airing, the Conservative Party put out a release criticizing Justin Trudeau for using two planes on the campaign trail. Scheer had issued a similar criticism during the debate itself.

"Justin Trudeau’s 'action' on climate change consists of marching in climate strikes (against his own government), lecturing everybody else on lowering emissions, and imposing a carbon tax on hardworking Canadians," the statement reads. "Meanwhile, he’s been secretly using two planes to campaign this election, emitting twice as much as any other leader."

Scheer also brought up the two plane issue during the debate's section on climate change, saying in French that Trudeau must have "one for you and the media, and another for your costumes and canoes." 

Following the debate, Trudeau said during a press conference, "It allows us to do more events in more parts of the country and meet more Canadians," according to CBC News. Both Trudeau and the Liberal Party also tweeted that the party would buy carbon offsets.

"I will highlight that Andrew Scheer and his Conservatives did not purchase carbon offsets for their transportation because they think pollution should be free," Trudeau said.

In an email to CBC, Conservative spokesman Simon Jefferies confirmed that the Conservative Party did not buy carbon offsets.

Scheer shot back during a press conference as well, reiterating that he does not understand why the Liberal Party needs two planes.

"I don't know what types of props or costumes or camping equipment he's bringing along, but he's made his choice," Scheer said, according to CTV News. "If he thinks it's okay to emit far more emissions than our campaign is emitting, we're going to hold him to account for his hypocrisy."

According to an email from the Liberal Party to Narcity, in a press conference on October 3, Trudeau told reporters that the Conservatives were using the attacks on him to distract from their own approach to climate change.

"What we're seeing here from the Conservatives is a classic and desperate attempt to distract from the fact that they have zero approaches on climate change, don't even think it's important," Trudeau said. "It's a well-established far-right tactic to try and discredit environmentalists and people who actually want to fight the environment by distracting."

The Liberal Party also told Narcity that they have partnered with Less Emissions, a Canadian offset provider, and have also purchased carbon offsets from the Essex-Windsor Regional Landfill Gas Capture and Destruction project.

The Canadian federal election is taking place on October 21, and climate change and the environment have so far proven to be some of the biggest issues in the campaign.

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