Tim Hortons Die Hard Fans Are Furious About The New Beyond Meat Burgers

An employee says they even quit because of this.
Tim Hortons Die Hard Fans Are Furious About The New Beyond Meat Burgers

When you think about Tim Hortons the first thought that comes to mind is likely the classic Timbit or a double-double. However, tweets about Tim Hortons' Beyond Meat are ripping the brand apart for straying from that identity. In fact, a number of Canadians have taken to Twitter saying that Tim Hortons should stick to their roots as a coffee shop — they seem to be furious about the new fast-food addition. 

This backlash comes only a day after Tim Hortons officially unveiled the plant-based menu items. On Wednesday, the company officially added two burgers to their menu, one BBQ and one regular, that are made with the popular Beyond Meat vegetarian patties. The burgers retail for $5.69 CAD each. 

Based on the reaction yesterday, you might think that this launch was super successful.

In fact, at some locations, they were actually running out of stock on the burgers by late afternoon, so clearly people were interested. However, not everyone feels the same way. 

Several OG, die-hard Tim Hortons fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment and anger at Tim Hortons for adding burgers to their menu.

They believe the company has completely abandoned their brand as a coffee shop and have become just another fast-food joint. 

In the tweets, their reactions range from being confused about the burgers to fully telling Tim Hortons to "stay in your lane." 

Meanwhile, in a Reddit thread posted to r/TimHortons one employee actually claims that they quit their job at Tim Hortons as soon as they heard about the new burgers saying "It's not a coffee shop anymore, and it hasn't been for a LOOONG time."

Instead, they say they have switched over to working at Starbucks. 

Among these critics, there are also a number of people who want to know how Tim Hortons can offer plant-based burgers but still doesn't have dairy-free alternatives for milk at all their locations.

While it's unclear whether those options will be available in the future, in that case, plant-based burgers are hopefully a step in the right direction. 

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