If you follow famous makeup brand MAC on their social media, you may have seen a video circulating of a makeup tutorial for Suhoor, or the "pre-dawn meal" consumed before fajr prayer.

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We're not gonna lie, the look is super gorgeous, and we'd totally re-create it for a night out with friends, a date, or a normal family dinner. What has people shook about the look though, is that it seems like an awful lot of effort to put in for a 3 a.m. meal:

@maccosmeticsmiddleeastembedded via  

Since the video was posted a few days ago, people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on waking up before the sun, just to beat their face for Suhoor:

What Mac thinks the “suhoor look” is versus what it actually looks like pic.twitter.com/HmcQsMbqBf

May 26, 2018

No thank you MAC, I’ll stick with my natural traumatized fox look during suhoor. pic.twitter.com/kwNsQAWuXL

May 26, 2018

i wear a t shirt from 7th grade and adidas pants if i’m going out for suhoor mac u r trippin https://t.co/LamVz2QTJ6

May 26, 2018

MAC really thinks we go full glam for suhoor/sehri. I guess I have to look beautiful for my food. pic.twitter.com/NLpATgnUwV

May 25, 2018

Other people though, are rushing to MAC's defence explaining that in Middle Eastern countries, where the video was originally posted, many Muslim's go out for Suhoor, so they may want to take the time to do their makeup:

Many people are complaining about MAC's make up look for suhoor—saying they barely open their eyes when eating in early morning.

In fact, suhoor in Dubai starts at 9 pm and they go to a night out right after.

It's a targeting. Not all ads are about you. pic.twitter.com/3dCBLcNnBT

May 26, 2018

All you guys mocking that MAC ad about suhoor looks... in Dubai some actually go out for suhoor. When I was there during Ramadan in 2015 we went out for suhoor. It's so festive and the people are dressed in their best abayas and of course wearing make up.

May 26, 2018

It seems that yet again, Twitter is divided on their opinion of the video! Regardless of if you plan on spending Suhoor in your pyjamas with a bare face, or dressing your finest and blending your eyeshadow, we hope you enjoy the time with your family, friends, and loved ones!