Just because there’s a pandemic going on, doesn’t mean traffic rules don’t apply. Two B.C. drivers may have overlooked this fact when they were caught cruising down the highway at mind-blowing speeds. Local RCMP caught the two B.C. drivers going 163 and 188 kilometres in an area with a speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour. As a result, both luxury vehicles have been impounded. 

It seems as though RCMP in B.C. has been busy on the roads lately. 

There was even a weird incident where police in the province had to arrest a drunk guy who was driving a golf cart while wearing a bathrobe and slippers. 

But the wackiness doesn’t stop there. 

According to a tweet released by Squamish RCMP, two drivers of luxury vehicles were caught going way too fast on the highway. 

Mike Halskov with the Squamish RCMP spoke with Narcity about the incident. 

Halskov stated that traffic services were conducting speed enforcement on the afternoon of Monday, April 20, around the Furry Creek area. 

During that time, an officer spotted two high-end sports cars driving south on Highway 99 going at “extremely high speeds.”

Using a laser instrument, the officer was able to clock the drivers going at 163 and 188 kilometres per hour in an 80 zone. 

The drivers were pulled over and both luxury cars were towed. Halskov noted that the vehicles will be impounded for seven days and the drivers will be expected to pay for the impoundment and tow fees. 

The drivers were also issued tickets of $483 and will face three points against their license. 

In addition to the hefty fines, the drivers will likely have to pay more for their insurance next time they go to renew their driver's licenses. 

According to ICBC, if a driver has one or more excessive speeding ticket then they can pay a driver risk premium. This is based on convictions over a three-year period and is paid on top of your cost of insurance. 

“Just because it’s a pandemic does not mean that there are now fewer police officers out there enforcing laws,” said the RCMP officer. 

Halskov is using this to remind the public that law enforcement units are still out conducting traffic stops as normal.