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Two Canadian Provinces Will Be Lost Underwater In 100 Years Or Less

The Great White North is melting at an alarming rate ūüė≥
Two Canadian Provinces Will Be Lost Underwater In 100 Years Or Less

Global warming might not seem like an immediate concern for Canada, considering how cold and icy much of our country is. 

But, because so much of Canada is covered in ice is actually a huge cause for concern when it comes to things heating up across the Earth. 

First grade science lesson: when ice melts, it turns to water. And when there's loads of ice across much of Northern Canada, that makes for a ton of water. 

A new report from a science not-for-profit group claims that the Arctic ice sheets across Canada are continuing to melt and sea levels are rising at a very steady speed year after year. 

And with these changes continuing to happen, researchers at the New Jersey not-for-profit group, Climate Central, believe that even under the most conservative scenarios, Canada's coastal cities will change, and in some places, cities and provinces will disappear almost entirely. 

According to Climate Central's report, communities across Canada's Atlantic and Pacific coasts will feel the effects of rising sea levels within the next 100 years or less. 

And in some instances, entire cities and most regions of the coastal provinces will be entirely submerged in water by 2100. 

Communities in British Columbia, including Richmond, Even the most parts of rural Abbotsford and Coquitlam, and the Deltas will be completely underwater by 2100, and this is according to conservative reports based on current changes to sea level. 

In more extreme estimations, nearly half of B.C. could be submerged in water by 2100 or sooner. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of Canada in the year 2100, much of New Brunswick's major highway, the town of Sackville, and its Tantramar Marsh will be permanently underwater. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of structures in place to prevent disaster from striking future generations of Canadians. But with the drastic changes expected along Canada's coast, experts like earth sciences professor John Clague says that Canada will be forced to spend billions of dollars on a massive system of flood defences.

But with so many people denying claims that climate change exists (*Donald Trump*), when it comes time to address issues of an impending apocalyptic flood, we'll have to see how Canada and the world responds. That is, if we're even alive to see it! 

Source: Global News 

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