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Two Classic Rides At Disneyland Are Getting A Massive Makeover Next Year

Some of your favorite rides could look completely different.
Two Classic Disneyland Rides Are Getting A Major Overhaul In 2020

There are so many cool new things coming to the happiest place on Earth. Two classic Disneyland rides are getting a major overhaul in 2020.

According to the San Francisco Gate, Indiana Jones and Snow White’s Scary Adventures will be getting a facelift early next year. Disney Imagineers will rebuild parts of the old, classic rides.

Indiana Jones is a jungle adventure that takes guests through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye on a series of wild escapades. Disney Parks will not only update the rockwork but also replace the plank bridge and steel structure. 

Disneyland reported that the Indiana Jones ride construction would not affect the attraction’s 25th anniversary, set for March 2020. The following year will be the 40th anniversary since the release of the beloved Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark

We’re wondering if it’s just a coincidence that Disneyland decided to remodel the ride right before the significant film anniversary. We smell a surprise cooking in the works. 

Snow White’s Scary Adventures is set for a $445,000 refurbishment for next year. The Orange County Register reported that crews would remove and replace show sets, install new beams and rockwork, and make massive electrical upgrades. 

Here is what the two classic rides look like right now. 

The fast-paced Indiana Jones Adventure takes guests through the crumbling Temple of the Forbidden Eye and past some pretty crazy booby traps. Think molten lava, screaming mummies, swarms of giant (fake) bugs, and collapsing bridges. Let's not forget about that giant boulder.

We’re excited to see what both the Indiana Jones Adventure and Snow White attractions will look like after their construction.

The Snow White ride isn’t the only one to get a big change. Peter Pan’s ride was updated in 2015, and Alice In Wonderland was redone the year prior. 

Florida’s Disneyworld removed the Snow White ride to make room for a Princess Fairytale Hall meet and greet location.

We’re happy Disneyland California is sticking to the classics, and we’re excited to see what the park will look like at the beginning of next year. What a way to ring in 2020!

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