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Two Conservative MPs Are In Serious Hot Water For What They Did While Voting Against Indigenous Rights Bill (Video)

On May 30 the federal government voted on Bill C-262, which ensures Canada follows the rules laid out in United Nation Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). 

Two Conservative MPs, named Rosemarie Falk and Dane Lloyd, are in hot water for how they acted during the vote. 

The two were caught on camera high-fiving each other after voting against it, drawing the ire of people on social media. 

Racism is alive and well in the Canadian House of Commons where @rosemarie_falk and @DaneLIoyd celebrated voting against Canada upholding UNDRIP principles. There is literally no excuse for this kind of behaviour. I'm appalled.

May 31, 2018

The bill ultimately passed with a vote of 206-79, with every single member of the Conservative party voting against it but the high-five between Falk and Lloyd came across as insensitive to many people. 

Perry Bellegarde, the national Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, released a statement where he said, “to behave so disrespectfully on a matter of basic human rights is absolutely beyond the pale.”  

My statement on the two elected Members of Parliament who displayed disrespect while voting on Bill C-262:

June 5, 2018

A representative for Falk says the pair were simply high-fiving for completing the end of a long days work, and not because of a specific vote. 

“This was in response to the conclusion of nearly an hour of voting in the House of Commons, and not the specific vote in question,” the representative said. 

You can see a video below which shows Falk and Lloyd high-fiving after the vote.  

The bill will now be sent to the senate for review. 

Source: Global News