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Two More Women Are Accusing R. Kelly Of Sexual Abuse

One is claiming their daughter is in his alleged sex cult.
Two More Women Are Accusing R. Kelly Of Sexual Abuse

R. Kelly is a famous hip-hop artist, most well known for his song "Ignition". In recent news, he has become more well known for being the main culprit in many claims of sexual violence and abuse. 

There have been multiple reports about young girls that have been abused and "brainwashed" by the musician. One report claimed that a young girl was apart of an alleged "sex cult" run by R. Kelly. 

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The first woman, Lizzette
Martinez says her abuse allegedly occurred from the late 1990s when she was in a relationship with R. Kelly. She was 17-years-old at the time when she met the then 28-year-old star at a Miami shopping.  mall.

Martinez claims that Kelly hit her on five occasions and pressured her to engage in sexual acts against her will. Their relationship finally ended in 1999.

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The second woman, Michelle, is a mother of a child who she believes is being held in Kelly's home. She will not release her last name to help keep her daughter's name private. Michelle says her 27-year-old daughter started her relationship with Kelly when she was 17.  She wants her child to come home.

Michelle has spoken to two other families, the Clarys and the Savages, that also claim their daughters have been brainwashed and are being held by Kelly. She has received information from them that her daughter is also allegedly in his home and under his control. In addition, Michelle states that seven separate sources have confirmed her daughter is in Kelly's "cult". 

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The Clarys and the Savages have been pleaded publically for months for Kelly to release their daughters from his rented properties in Atlanta and Chicago. The parents and other sources have claimed that Kelly tells the women when to eat, when to sleep, how to dress and even how to "sexually pleasure" him. He also allegedly punishes the girls mentally and physically if they break his rules. 

Kelly continues to deny these claims. He also denies the most recent claims from Michelle and Lizzette Martinez.

Source: Buzzfeed