Christmas movies have a special place in people's hearts, no matter how cheesy they may be. Netflix's recent releases of A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Inheritance, along with the extensive holiday playlist by the Hallmark Channel that has aired on the W Network all month, have caused an unexpected surge in the popularity of 'good/bad' Christmas movies this year.

Adding to the list are two more horrendous titles that have just been uploaded onto Netflix: Miss Me This Christmas and You Can't Fight Christmas. Although not Netflix originals (they are produced by TV One), they still bring the same terrible plot lines and subpar acting as any other straight-to-TV movie.

Miss Me This Christmas

Miss Me This Christmas is about a couple named Regina (Erica Ash) and Franklin (Redaric Williams), a seemingly the perfect couple who got married on Christmas Day six years ago at the Chesterton Hotel. But this year is a little different, as during Thanksgiving dinner, they erupt in a huge fight and decide to have a divorce.

Regina moves in with her best friend Trish at The Chesterton Hotel where she ends up meeting multi-millionaire Ulysses Danbert (Allen Maldonado). After Ulysses proposes to her, she must decide - Is it time to move on, or is there still a fire between her and Franklin?

You Can't Fight Christmas

You Can't Fight Christmas is about a Christmas designer named Leslie Major (Brely Evans), who might just be the biggest fan of the holidays. Every year, she has the task of decorating the lobby of - you guessed it - the famous Chesterton Hotel. While she's decorating the top of a tree, she falls off the ladder and into the arms of one Edmund James (Andra Fuller), who just so happens to be the grandson of the hotel's owner. He seems so perfect that it's almost too good to be true...

Turns out, Edmund and his wife Millicent (Persia White) are planning on ending the Christmas tradition at The Chesterton altogether. Leslie must now use all her festive charm to help Edmund find love in Christmas again.

You can watch both movies on Netflix now!