2 'Halloween' Sequels Are Coming Out & That's Just A Warm Up For Jamie Lee Curtis

When they announced the Halloween reboot that hit theatres back in 2018, we all speculated that this would be Jamie Lee Curtis' last hurrah as Laurie Strode. We were far from right. The mixed reviews on the reboot didn't stop a special announcement from going out at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. It was revealed that there will be two more Halloween movies starring Jamie Lee Curtis.

Curtis tweeted about the two upcoming films along with the teaser that was shown at SDCC. She ominously teased that she's "just warming up."

The rest of the cast from last year's movie will be reprising their roles, along with the iconic John Carpenter coming back to produce.

The titles for both movies were also announced along with the release dates. Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends will hit theatres October 16, 2020 and October 15, 2021 respectively. 

Fans of the horror series are ecstatic about this announcement and took to Twitter to fangirl/boy with each other: 

If there's anything we learned from the original films and the reboot, it's that producer Jason Blum knows how to create an epic horror movie. Throw in the unbeatable Jamie Lee Curtis and John Carpenter's iconic compositions and we may be talking about the best ending to any horror franchise ever!